Kenneth Elwood Gary
Kenneth Elwood Gary
At this time Kencinnus is currently on hiatus.

I had a great time the past few years helping membership web site owners make more money with their web sites by customizing aMember Pro Membership Software and Wishlist Products Plugin for WordPress. But at this time I am no longer continuing to support this community nor am I improving my existing plugins or developing any new plugins.

All of my aMember plugins are now available for free directly from aMember. All you have to do is be a current member of their site and go to their support request page and fill out a ticket asking for my plugins. They will be happy to provide any and all of them to you for free.

If you need fantastic membership site software then please purchase aMember Pro Membership Software or Wishlist Member plugin for WordPress.

If you need membership web site development or training to do-it-yourself then please contact David Moskowitz at Membership Academy.

If you need professional copywriting services for your membership site then please contact Ryan Healy.

– Kenneth Elwood Gary

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